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Tire Repair, Balancing and Mounting - New Tire Sales
Lehman's Automotive Services, Inc
Family owned and operated singe 1957

See our service rates for additional information in regard to tire servicing. 

Yes, we mount and balance tires on site.  We also repair flat tires or help to diagnose problematic tires, such as slow leaks, problematic rim sealing, stem failure and general rim failure.  Stuff happens.  In other words, it's not always a simple nail in the tire.  

We can also help to diagnose unusual tire wear patterns or unusual tire conditions, which may be the result of some other related vehicle problem.  Sometimes a professional evaluation of an unknown condition can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.  A second opinion could be invaluable.  

You may suspect something or have a hunch, but you're just not sure.  Sometimes a quick phone call might even shed light onto something that you may have never considered.  What is clear is that today, with the price of tires skyrocketing ... people are starting to pay more attention to their tires ... beyond filling them with Nitrogen.  

By the way, did you know that 79% of our breathable air, be it compressed air or at normal atmospheric pressure, is Nitrogen.  Could it be that filling the tires with Nitrogen just might be just a marketing ploy (like bottled spring water from a municipal water source - the tap)?          

Some of our customers go as far as to go on-line and purchase a specific tire design that they covet, and then have Lehman's mount and balance the tires at our facility for them.  They come to us because most tire stores want you to buy what they have to sell ... and that's after you spend your time and fuel to get to their facility.  We are not here to hassle you ... we are here to serve your needs to your satisfaction without staring down our noses at you.   Yeah, we see it all here!

We do not shill any particular brand of new tires.  We can get just about any brand tire that you need.  If we can't, we'll let you know that we can't.  Don't be afraid to ask for an estimate for new tires as we'll be happy to provide an estimate free of charge.    

Lehman's does not provide alignment services at our facility.  Alignments are not our specialty, although we do partner with garages that provide precision four wheel alignment services.  We are talking about experienced alignment technicians (not kids hoping to get it right).     

We can provide you a cost estimate for the alignment services with the understanding that a quality four wheel alignment is generally a flat fee plus actual labor required for the alignment.  After your estimate, just call to arrange an appointment to drop of your vehicle at Lehman's for the tire and alignment services and we'll handle the rest for you.     


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