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Harrisburg PA Automotive Inspections

What we're all about!
Hi, I'm Keith Lehman.  The owner and proprietor of Lehman Automotive Service, Inc.  As the sign states, we have been a family owned business since 1957 and we've always been at the same location.  Yes, we finally reached and  celebrated our fiftieth (50th) anniversary and we are very proud of that level of commitment to our community.    

Harrisburg has changed a great deal over these many years and it's been tough keeping up with our customers changing needs.  For the sake of comparison, some doctors gets to study just the human body.  Some specialist only study one part or region or the human body.  A good mechanic doesn't have that luxury.  We need to keep up to snuff on the components of every manufacturer, make, model and year ... cars, trucks & motor cycles.  That's allot of stuff to know.  We keep on top of it all through a staff that each have decades of experience.  It is also important for you to know that we have a very reliable network of information through our parts service team.  

The bottom line is that it takes allot of trust by our customers to give us the opportunity of working our your vehicle and we very much appreciate that dedication on your part.  In the end, what our customers seem to appreciate is that some things, like Lehman's Automotive being here for over 50 years, never seem change, in a world of constant change, and we are very proud to be apart of this history.  

Just maybe ... we just might be doing something right and maybe you can trust us with your automotive service needs.  

Sure, you'd like to hear me say that I love this car and truck stuff but really I look at it like someone else might look at an over-stuffed "in-basket" in an office setting, where mine has a sign on it stating, "stupid stuff I gotta do".  No really, I do love my work ... It's why I get out of bed every morning to greet both my new customers and to see those same faces that have seemed to grow on me over the years.        

You may not think about it much but you probably pass by my shop on your commute to work.  Walnut St. is a very busy thoroughfare into the city of Harrisburg in the hamlet of Pembrooke.  Yes, Pembrooke, PA has character ... we at least it is full of characters.  We parallel interstate I-81, off the Progress Avenue exit, and are just a stones throw from Progress Ave.    

The bottom line is that we're not only very good at what we do, we're also convenient, and again we're here.  We always seem to be here!  Help!  


Lehman's Automotive Service is a leading automotive service and repair center of Harrisburg, PA located in the heart of Pembrooke.  We maintain an expert staff of automotive service specialists that are here to answer your questions about maintaining your vehicles.  We are committed to providing timely and affordable solutions to fulfill your maintenance needs.  We are not perfect, nor will we ever be perfect, but it is our goal to strive for the highest quality repairs achievable (as we are all aware, some stuff just cannot be feasibly repaired).  As always, we're here to lend an ear.     


Lehman's Automotive Services, Inc. 
2837 Walnut St.| Harrisburg, PA 17103
Toll Free Phone: (717) 232-0900| Fax: (717) 232-xxxx 
Web Site: www.harrisburgpainspections.com

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