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Harrisburg PA Automotive Inspections

Springs, McPherson Struts, Shock Absorbers Suspension Serving
Lehman's Automotive Services, Inc
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Your vehicle has some age on it and it is now showing some signs of having a loose suspension.  This is very common and some maintenance may be a good idea.  Today tires, along with a front wheel alignment, is a substantial investment.  Does that make sense relying on a tired suspension.  Maybe you've never considered it from this view.

Springs & Shocks McPherson Struts

Over my lifetime, I've been inundated with muffler and shocks commercials.  All my customers seem to know about shocks when they speak of suspension systems but it's rather odd that they don't even consider or know about the function of the suspensions springs.  Springs are integral to the suspension system and they wear out too.   Shock absorbers function to dampen the motion and energy potential of the massive springs, or in other words, the springs are workhorse of the system.  In short, what good is a change of shock absorbers if the springs are no longer capable of functioning at peak condition.  Hey, it's your choice.  My function is to direct you with information.         

McPherson Struts:  
McPherson or MacPherson Struts operate under a similar principle as the shock absorber.  It is now become quite common place with front wheel drive vehicles as it has outstanding or superior drive chacteristics, especially for smaller vehicles.  The strut still incorporates a spring so the above considerations still apply.

If you'd like to more more information about your suspension system, we'd be happy to provide you with a cost estimate and will help to answer your questions.  Just give Keith Lehman a call.


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