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Harrisburg PA Automotive Inspections
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PA Emissions $39.95 PA State Inspections $35.00

PA Inspections are necessary to protect our community and its motor vehicle operators.  Imagine a vehicle that hadn't been serviced for many years traveling on the same roads that you intend to use.  That operator will tell you that his vehicle is safe, but as they say, in the big guy we trust ...  I expect all others to provide proof, only then can I truly feel safe.  In short, it's your safety and the safety of your family that we are talking about.    

KEY ADVISE:  Any vehicle has a three (3) month window to complete its inspection beginning 3 months prior to its expiration.  If your window sticker has a 2 for February on it, for example, you can schedule an inspection to obtain the next years stickers anytime in the months of December, January and February.  Procrastination, or waiting to the end of February, is never a good idea.  For example, say you scheduled an appointment in December (again your #2 sticker expires at the end of February), and the inspector determines that you need a front end alignment, new front tires (because of the prior poor or misalignment), a new tie rod end, and your exhaust system is leaking.  We at Lehman's will report these items to you, and will also provide you an estimate to perform these services free of charge.  The advantage that you now have, because you didn't procrastinate, is that you can take the car where ever you'd like to perform the services that you require.  Remember that your present inspection sticker is still good until February.  This advise maybe able to save you some money as you may want to perform some of these services on your own, and more importantly, it will keep you out of trouble.  If you do your own work, believe me, it will be better to work on your car in December rather than in February, speaking weather wise.  

SCHEDULING:  Please keep in mind the very best time to schedule an inspection is in the middle of the month.  It seems like everyone procrastinates ... waiting to the last possible moment to get their car inspected.  The result is a back load and the end of each month, as well as completion of major repairs into the beginning of each month.  No one ever wants to be without their vehicle for a couple of day, so planning ahead is always better than having to react at the last minute.  Plan your maintenance and you'll be a great hero to everyone concerned.   

COMMON SENSE:  Just in case your wondering, there are significant fines for expired inspection stickers and you're still going to have to get the necessary repairs done if you plan to get that vehicle back on the road legally.  Please, don't press an expired inspection issue, as you may not expect to get caught, but our communities finest are trained to find individuals that try to skirt the system.  Regular inspection checks are everywhere and officers of the law are not lenient on this matter.  Remember, their number one job is to protect our community first.  Never ever manipulate your inspection stickers - the penalties are extremely harsh - just don't go there.  

If you ever need help because of some sort of problem, or issue, or you're just not sure, please do not hesitate to call.        


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