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Harrisburg PA Automotive Inspections

Brakes, Rotors & Calipers. Professional Installation & Servicing.
Lehman's Automotive Services, Inc
Family owned and operated singe 1957

It's Keith again.  Just the other day, I'm on the phone with FIX IT DAD seen here, when I said to him, "Brakes Jobs are not a hobby".  There's a reason that you should hire a professional to fix your brakes".  His response, "You know, I just increased my wife's life insurance policy.  What did I do wrong now?"   

You see FIX IT DAD, has made just about every mistake in the book when it comes to brake servicing over the years but this time he got an ear full from his wife.  


Honey, why are the brakes squealing?  When brakes vibrate they sing like a tuning fork.  You might say that happy brakes are not singing brakes.

Why is there a kink in the line that feeds the caliper Fix-It-Dad?  I guess in FIX IT DAD's haste, he didn't support the brake caliper properly during one of his brake specials, now this hydraulic pressure line needs to be replaced. Oh Yeah! This pressure line could have burst which isn't a safety issue at all. Not!

Why does the car go Woo Woo Woo when I apply the brakes going down a big hill?   FIX IT DAD's response, "That's perfectly normal.  It's just a thing".  Guess who didn't replace the front brake rotors when he serviced the brakes.  When the rotors heat up they distort and Woo Woo won't go away until they are replaced.

"I guess a big Phillips head screw driver is not the right tool to remove the retaining screws on a Honda Civic brake rotors"?  Guess who had to bring it into Lehman's shop to fix that boo boo?

Guess who couldn't tell the difference between a left side versus right side calipers at the auto parts store?  Hey, it's only a couple more trips to the auto parts store.  Fix-It-Dad's time isn't that valuable anyway.     

Why are my brakes smoking?   Ladies, when this happens you shouldn't be relying on Fix-It-Dad.   

I guess you really can't trust buying parts from an auto parts store.  In other words, the  person behind the counter just might not know what they are doing?  FIX IT DAD went into his local auto parts store.  In purchasing new front brakes pads & rotors he provided the cars make & model, engine size, etc.  Unfortunately for FIX IT DAD, there were two rotor sizes diameters available for that make & model.  Did fix it dad check to see if those new rotors matched the diameter of the old ones?  What do you think?  One set of rotors was for anti-lock brakes & the other for non-anti lock brakes.  Upon inspection of Fix-It-Dads' latest debacle it was explained that the brake pads were supposed to have a flat surface.  Instead each pad had a rather large pronounced ridge on it as the pads outside diameter was much greater than the installed rotor ... which was not the correct size (too small).  Wrong!  Dangerous!  What happened was the parts supplier supplied the wrong size rotor instead of the correct size rotor that should of been used for anti-lock brakes.  The rotor displayed should have had a nice uniform shiny surface but only the outside edges were engaged meaning only part of the applied pressure was applied by the caliper to do all that braking.  Do you think that you might need a professional working on your brakes?   

I'd like to tell you that I'm making this up but this stuff actually happened.  Of course, no one was harmed but to protect the innocent ... We'll just call him "Fix-It-Dad"! 




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